We offer a variety of qualified plans based on our centerpiece program: 


How The Better Way 401(k) benefits you,
the employer:

Traditionally, small to mid-sized employers are given 401(k) options for their employees that are “bundled” by an insurance or mutual fund company. These bundled products are profitable for the providers and often offer limited, proprietary investment options and services chosen by them. This can result in underperformance and potentially higher fees for the plan.

The Better Way 401(k) “unbundles” the process for the smaller employers, thus creating cost efficiency and offering non-proprietary investment options which were previously available to the largest employers.

While specifically designed to help the plan administrator manage fiduciary responsibilities, the Better Way 401(k) also brings simplicity and ease of administration as additional benefits.

Each employer has many options which can be used to customize the plan, including eligibility requirements, employer-matching contributions (if any), a vesting schedule for employer contributions, and loan provisions.

How The Better Way 401(k)
benefits your employees:

The Better Way 401(k) directly addresses the high costs of 401(k) plans!
Until now, getting the costs under control in a small or mid-size employer plan was difficult.

  • High cost mutual funds
  • High fees to service providers
  • High administration costs
  • Revenue sharing agreements

All these costs were subtracted from plan assets, potentially adding up to a higher fees affecting the retirement accounts of plan participants.
Additionally, selections of mutual funds, inadequate coverage of asset classes, and under-performing managed account options all further reduce the employee’s retirement account growth.

Many do not provide for comprehensive investment choices and do not cover most asset classes adequately.


is designed to solve the four most important retirement plan dilemmas facing employers and employees today::

  • Employers are burdened with a large, and growing, number of fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Many of these fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities are not known to even the most conscientious employer – Employees have been burdened with higher fees, that can reduce their retirement account.
  • The investment choices available to employees are frequently not diversified adequately covering asset classes.


The Better Way 401(k) helps to overcome these problems with a win-win solution:

  • Created by an experienced team of retirement plan specialists, The Better Way 401(k) combines both legal and investment structures to help the employer manage its fiduciary responsibilities.
  • The Better Way 401(k) delivers to employees a comprehensive lineup of cost-effective investment options to help maximize the efficiency of every retirement dollar.

Potentially less liability for the company, and more retirement dollars at work for employees…

Now that is a better way!