Are you considering rolling over your 401k?

We provide advice and help for people who have changed employers and or reached age 59 ½ and have an In-Service Distribution option. Many 401(k) plans offer limited fund investment options and investment class choices. We can help you examine your rollover options, including whether you should:

1. Leave the money in your former employer’s plan if permitted;
2. Rollover the assets to your new employer’s plan if one is available and permitted;
3. Rollover the assets into an IRA; or
4. Cash out the account value.

At Hoskins Wealth Management, we specialize in retirement planning, and have tools to examine your 401K options in terms of long-term retirement planning objectives. We will help you consider ways to reduce taxation when RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) begin at age 70-1/2, requiring that you start withdrawing from 401K funds whether you need the money or not—and pay income tax on the withdrawn amounts to the IRS.)


For most people, their 401k is the primary way they save for retirement, but how in the world do you know what to choose when it comes to your employers’ available plan options? We can help you with that as part of your overall financial and retirement plan. The choices you make can literally mean thousands of dollars you can potentially miss out on, or potentially generate and benefit from for your retirement.

Because Hoskins Wealth Management also manages 401k plans for small businesses, we understand the details, benefits, and fees of 401k plans. We can help you navigate the complexities to hone in on the 401k planning strategy that’s best for you and your family based on your future retirement goals. Many 401(K) plans offer pre-tax and post-tax options.  Therefore, tax planning is an important part of the equation in creating a solid 401k and retirement plan.